Chicago magazine photographer cover photoshoot

Chicago Magazine Photographer: Cover photoshoot for Positively Aware

On a snowy winter day, we crammed 18 people into a Chicago barbershop built for a dozen, so we could shoot the foldout magazine cover of Positively Aware’s annual HIV Drug Guide. It is always a challenge when you have to work with 13 subjects and have them all engaged, while maintaining the identity of the space and leaving room for the magazine logo, text, and the fold.

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Annual Report Photography for Charity

Annual Report Photography for Above & Beyond

Thanks to a referral from graphic designer Dan Paterno, to account executive John Healy, the Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center hired me to photograph their clients for their annual report.

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Chicago photographer John Gress photoshoot with Black in Crew Star Katrina Jackson

Portrait photography with Black Ink Crew Chicago Celebrity Katrina Jackson

This was by third photoshoot with Black Ink Crew Chicago star Katrina Jackson. Stylist and art director Stephanie Alexis wanted to create a sexy wet look which I married with a behind-the-scenes looking images shot on a Gravity Backdrop and paired with a Mole-Richardson 1000 Watt Baby Fresnel on location at Lacuna Artist Lofts.

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headshot of chicago model Jefferson West by photographer John Gress

Chicago headshot photographer: Factor Chosen Model Jefferson West

Jefferson’s high cheek bones and dazzling hazel eyes are makes striking close ups a piece of cake. I lit the image above with a 60″ Photek Softlighter II Umbrella (review) and then edged out west with a 3′ Profoto RFI Octabox.

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Album cover for singer Marcus Matteo by Chicago Portrait Photographer John Gress

Album Cover Photoshoot for Chicago Singer Marcus Matteo’s Debut EP Break Free

Shooting the album cover for Chicago singer Marcus Matteo’s debut EP Break Free was fun to say the least. It must have been the first time I photographed someone cutting off their own clothes.

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