Album Cover Photoshoot for Chicago Singer Marcus Matteo’s Debut EP Break Free

Shooting the album cover for Chicago singer Marcus Matteo‘s debut EP Break Free was fun to say the least. It must have been the first time I photographed someone cutting off their own clothes. 😉


I lit the set with 3 Chimera strip softboxes, two Chimera Strip Lightbank Small 9×36″ over each shoulder and one Chimera Strip Lightbank Medium boomed over Matteo. Then the whole shot was filled with a Profoto RFi 5′ Octabox located behind the camera and the background was lit with two umbrellas.

You can watch the music video for Matteo’s single Boomerang, which is on Break Free.

Chicago born singer songwriter Marcus Matteo, possesses a indistinguishable one of a kind voice, comprised of a far reaching, clean and resonant tone that seamlessly crosses genres, generations and musical taste alike. Add to that, captivating melodies, clever lyrics that tell relate-able life stories, and a unique creative mind and you’ve got the recipe for a rising music star. Drawing inspiration from greats such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr., Marcus has developed into a versatile, passionate and enthralling performer. After more than a decade as a professional singer in the Chicago live music scene and a online fan base of thousands via popular YouTube covers, in 2016 Marcus crosses into the world of original recording artist with his debut release ‘Break Free’. A 6 track EP of warm and uplifting pop tunes. Stay connected to Marcus Matteo via and follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter!

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