The Academy with John Gress


How to get the best quality when posting to Instagram on your iphone: Lightroom-iPhoto-iTunes-sync

Online Mentoring: Fast-Track Your Photography Skills

I didn’t get to where I am as a photographer without help; that’s why I’m passionate about passing along the knowledge I’ve gained, especially when it comes to mastering lighting—a skill I developed through years of experimentation. My goal is to help you accelerate this learning process through personalized one-on-one coaching.

Before Our Session

Understanding your background and goals is crucial. To tailor our session to your specific needs, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out. We’ll also exchange emails to fine-tune the focus of our coaching, ensuring you get the most out of our time together.

Session Connection

I’ll send you a Zoom link prior to our session, making it easy for us to connect and interact live.

Potential Topics for Our Session:

  • Portfolio Review: Dive deep into your work to identify strengths and areas for growth.
  • My Post Production Techniques: Learn the subtle art of retouching that can elevate your images.
  • Website Review: Get constructive feedback to enhance your digital presence.
  • The Technical Aspects of Photography: From camera settings to advanced techniques.
  • Lighting Mastery:
    • Explore lighting gear and how it affects your images.
    • Master lighting techniques including freezing motion, headshots, portraits, and more.
    • Reverse engineer lighting setups to understand and recreate them effectively.
  • Social Media and Brand Building: Develop a strategy to enhance your online presence and connect with your audience.
  • Let’s Talk About Anything: From cocktail recipes to creative inspiration—our sessions are flexible to your interests.

Invest in Your Growth

À La Carte: Opt for a focused approach with $199 per hour or $125 per half-hour sessions.

The Gress Guild: Join our exclusive learning platform for continuous growth with a monthly 30-minute mentoring session included.

The Apprenticeship: The ultimate learning package with a 60-minute monthly session, perfect for an immersive experience.


Book Your Session Now

You can book your session now using the scheduling module below. If the available dates don’t work for you, please contact us