It Must Be Magic: I Will Music Video Featured in A&U Magazine

by Chael Needle

On their own, Chicago-based Marshall Titus and John Gress each have an impressive bag of tricks.

Marshall Titus is a singer, songwriter, producer and award-winning actor, with three solo CDs and several theatrical productions, among other accomplishments, to his name. He was part of the pop/R&B group Champaign, his vocal work has graced television and radio commercials, and his songs have been recorded by Linda Clifford.

John Gress has excelled as a photographer. His commercial work has appeared in a multitude of advertising and public relations campaigns, including ones for Chrysler, Lufthansa, and Ben & Jerry’s. His photojournalism is carried on Reuters and has appeared in major publications here and abroad. Gress also shoots fashion and editorial (including the cast of Twilight, which appeared recently in Us Weekly and elsewhere), among other genres… Read More

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