Beauty Photographer in Chicago and video digital marketing campaign with Miss Ethiopia

Beauty Photographer in Chicago Miss Etheopia

Beauty photographer in Chicago and videographer John Gress created a digital marketing campaign for Namaste Labs and their ORS Olive Oil Naturals line. The project consisted of step-by-step video tutorials and portraits of Miss Ethiopia Hailyn Kennard after her hair was styled with the ORS products. Beauty Photographer in Chicago pagent headshot

Filming took place in Chicago’s southloop in a daylight studio over the course of two days, Gress was assisted by Seed Lynn, and filmed the tutorials with a Canon C100 and a 1DX Mark II in 8-bit clog and captured the beauty portrait headshots with a Canon 5D Mark III. The video was lit with natural light and augmented with Kino flos.

Editing of the video tutorials was conducted by Gress and the beauty photography were retouched by the client.

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