Wall Street Jounal publishes my photo on their front page


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My freind text me this morning to tell me I had the front page of the Wall Street Journal. You can’t beat that… too bad the subject is so grim.

Chicago Dials Back on 911 Responses


CHICAGO—Police here stopped physically responding to some 911 calls for non-life-threatening issues this week so officers can focus on stemming the city’s rising homicide rate, a strategy that other big cities have implemented with sometimes controversial results.

Under the new policy, dispatchers will route 911 calls reporting non-criminal complaints or crimes in which no one is in imminent danger, such as some car thefts and simple assaults, to desk officers who will fill out police reports by phone. The new policy prohibits callers from insisting an officer be sent to the scene, as was allowed before.

The Chicago Police Department says it now expects to handle about 151,000 police reports by telephone this year, or about 30% of their total, roughly twice as many as last year. The department estimates the new approach will free the equivalent of 44 officers a day in a force of roughly 12,000 officers… Read more

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