Trade Magazine Photography for Brickstreet Insights with Thresholds in Chicago


Trade magazine photography for Brickstreet Insights featuring nonprofit CEO Mark Ishaug of Thresholds.




The belief that everyone contributes to society and should have the opportunity to live a life of value, self-respect, passion and dignity is what drives Thresholds’ work. Established in 1959, Thresholds is one of the oldest and largest providers of recovery services for individuals living with serious mental illnesses in Illinois.

A study from the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that nearly one in five people in the United States is living with a disability, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates the same number experience mental illness in a given year. Thresholds works to help these individuals reclaim their lives.

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Thresholds offers 30 programs in more than 100 locations throughout Chicago, Cook County and adjacent suburbs, and eight surrounding counties. These programs include access to medical and psychiatric care, job readiness and work placement, educational opportunities and safe, stable housing. The organization currently serves 10,000 people each year and employs more than 1,400.

Chicago Magazine Photographer John Gress Portrait Photography

When looking for a workers’ compensation insurer in 2013, Thresholds’ management knew that the carrier would need to understand the complexity of its business – the communities it serves, the issues it faces and all facets of its operations. BrickStreet provided Thresholds with the solutions and services to meet its unique needs.

“Our employees are very mobile. Because people with serious mental illnesses generally don’t come in for clinical services, we go to them. Eighty percent of our services are provided out in the community where people live,” said Thresholds CEO Mark Ishaug. “Our staff are driving around Chicago and the surrounding areas and entering buildings, facing different risks than someone in an office setting. At the same time, we have many employees in administrative roles as well. BrickStreet understands the intricacies of our workplace and beyond.”

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