Headshots: Harold

John Gress Chicago Photographer

Harold might be the smallest male model I have every worked with. The 18-year-old, 1.77m (5-10) Floridian thin-stress tips the scale at just 52kg (115-pounds) on a good day.

Headshots: The Parker Twins

John Gress Chicago Photographer

Meet the Parker Twins. When I first met Austen and Tyler, I could not tell them apart. I noticed one of them had a blemish where the other one did not. However, as soon as we started shooting, I would throw something out like “Austen move to the left.” That way I would know who […]

Actor Headshots: Sean Parris

John Gress Chicago Photographer

The moment Sean walked through the door… I was like “whoa.” His facial features are so distinctive – he was made to model. Right off the bat, stylist Isaac King and I leaned in to one another and whispered, “now were going to get some pictures.”

Chicago Actor Headshots: Tom D

Chicago Actor Headshots: Tom D by photographer John Gress

Chicago Actor Headshots: By using a gold reflector in conjunction with fast prime lenses, I was able to create a series of headshot images of model Tom D where he really stood out from the background in his photos, which I shot in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.