Headshots: Harold

Harold might be the smallest male model I have every worked with. The 18-year-old, 1.77m (5-10) Floridian thin-stress tips the scale at just 52kg (115-pounds) on a good day.

“The moment we started shooting frames I knew this was gonna be a hot shoot. This boy moves like TYRA! It went really well with the androgynous look.” – Stylist Isaac King


“I remember (this) was the first thing Isaac king styled for the shoot. When I arrived back home, everyone fell in love with that photo. People couldn’t stop talking about it.” – Model Harold




“Harold was the first model to make me feel big (like normal folk), because I put him in my pants and they were huge on him! Only then did I realize how tiny he was. Oh well., thin is always in!!” – Stylist Isaac King

Credits: Styling by Isaac King. Make up by Cindy Vazquez.

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