Headshots: The Parker Twins

John Gress Chicago Photographer

Meet the Parker Twins. When I first met Austen and Tyler, I could not tell them apart. I noticed one of them had a blemish where the other one did not. However, as soon as we started shooting, I would throw something out like “Austen move to the left.” That way I would know who was who so I could give the rest of the direction.

"These guys were super sweet. But literally Austen does all the talking and gives all the direction while Tyler does what he's told. LOL. I guess they know what works for them!" - Stylist Isaac King



Stylist Richard Paden plays hair stylist and reflector bitch as one of the neighborhood meat packers passes by.







Make-up Artrist Deirdra Carney does double duty and holds a reflector for me. Most everyone on set at our shoots pitches in when needed. She also watched my back, so I wouldnt get ran over.


Credits: Fashion Syling by Isaac King and Richard Paden. Make-up by Deirdra Carney. Most of the behind the scenes photographs are by Isaac King.

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John Gress Chicago Photographer


  1. Bravo on these! These guys are amazing and it seems everything came together perfectly in these shots. I especially love the yellow sweater pics, but yeah, all are excellent.

  2. Haha very nice 🙂 I’m now living in Manhattan as you might know, but this is really nice and maybe I’ll see you guys next time I go to Chicago!