Chicago Fashion Advertising Photography: Alhambra Pallace

Chicago fashion advertising photography: What do you do with 14 models, three make-up artists, two hairstylists, one fashion stylists and four assistants on a Sunday? Easy, take over a night club.

While celebrating a friend’s birthday, one of the managers of Alhambra Palace approached our table and asked if we thought they should have a gay night…. a few conversations and a few weeks later we were producing advertising images for the event. Here is a video and some pics from our 8 hour shoot.


Chicago fashion advertising photography male model

Chicago fashion advertising photography male model by photographer

Stylist Isaac King preps Brett Love for the shoot.
Stylist Isaac King preps Brett Love for the shoot. King noted, “I remember being so nervous about shooting in this place. Afterall its like a 25 million dollar restaurant! I was like, ‘if anything is broken or destroyed, then we are gonna be chained to the kitchen sink for the rest of our natural lives!’ LOL.”


Chicago fashion advertising photography in Chicagos westloop

MUA Kim King (left) and Stylist Isaac King make some final adjustments.
Chicago fashion advertising photography by photographer
“”It was so much fun working on this project, I had just moved to Chicago and this was my first photoshoot (in the city). I remember us (Models Brandon (R) and Mimeki ((2nd R)) flirting with each other and then she put her finger on my lip and that was the shot.” – Model Brandon “I booked my friend Shaya Ali for this shoot.” Stylist Isaac King explained. “She only had one look…but she only needed one! Cause she killed it in this gold dress! One of my all time favorite examples of my work. Alas….she’s my muse.” However, he seems to get a new muse every week. Last week it was a Blasian model from Ohio.
“Asking straight guys, to play gay is always touchy. I booked my friends fiance Jacob (L) for this shoot. And afterwards I’m thinking ‘please don’t let this be the catalyst for a pre-wedding-divorce!’ LOL…They’ve set the date btw!” – Stylist Isaac King
Chicago fashion advertising photography group portrait
“I was trying to ignore the fact that Rhae’s heel was in my crotch, and I was kind of in a weird position. But again the Purple hair helped to make me stand out. LOL ” – Modle Brandon (R)

photographer captures female model in Chicago fashion advertising photography

Credits: Styling by . Hair styling by Isaac King. Make up by BellaRosa Artistry, Insatiable Creations and KING the MUA.

Models: Shaya Ali, Clint Anthony, Arthur, Gabriel, Calix, Derron, Brandon (dizie), Jacob, Tyler LeMay, Brett Love, Mimeki, Olexys, Rhae Maribao, and Van.

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