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Chicago Portrait Photographer Vintage Lights and Painted Backdrop

What ARE those lights I keep putting in my photos…

One of the most popular questions I am asked is: what are those lights in the background of my portraits? Aside from the one time that I used a Profoto Monolight unsuccessfully, every other occurrence I can recall featured a vintage light designed by Mole-Richardson.

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Annual Report Photography for Charity

Annual Report Photography for Above & Beyond

Thanks to a referral from graphic designer Dan Paterno, to account executive John Healy, the Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center hired me to photograph their clients for their annual report.

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B&W Chicago model headshot Kenneth Hill Modelogic

Headshots with Chicago Model Kenneth Hill

Chicago Model Kenneth Kill is an amazing talent. He is one of the best posing models I have ever worked with and he can practically style himself on every shoot. I enjoyed working with him so much that I called him back twice!

I basically used every technique I commonly use in studio during the shoots so I’ll go over each set-up in this post.

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The Making of Marcus Matteo’s Boomerang Music Video

As a Chicago music video director, I am always striving to hone my craft by using news tools and techniques. My latest music video for Marcus Matteo was my first 4k project and I shot it almost exclusively in 4k DCI with a Canon 1D X Mark II camera.

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Chicago Fitness Model Matthew Cuff by photographer John Gress on a Gravity Backdrops

Comp card photography for Chicago Fitness Model Matthew Cuff

The first time I worked with fitness model and personal trainer Matthew Cuff it was to help him develop his first comp card and I’m pretty sure he was about 21 at the time. Cuff, now in his late 20’s, is an Asics sponsored full time personal trainer, working all over the US, and hes looking to update his comp card.

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