Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

Chicago lifestyle photographer John Gress can handle all of your advertising and commercial photography needs, whether they are in Chicago, or around the world. Non-profits, charities, emerging businesses, major sports franchises and Fortune 500 companies have turned to Gress for descriptive lifestyle photos, eye-catching environmental portraits and stock imagery.

Gress to produces lifestyle imagery that models reality and art directors love his use of depth-of-field and creative lighting.


Clients have included:

Aids Foundation of Chicago
Art Van Furniture
Bank Of Montreal
Chicago Bulls
Coors Light
Celebrity Dr Ian Smith
EdgeAlliance, Inc.
Enbridge Inc.
Huron Consulting Group
Popular Community Bank
Portland Trail Blazers
U.S. Department of Education

Chicago Lifestyle Photographer: My exciting new GLBT lifestyle ads for Miller64 were just released during a party at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago, the location where we shot the above image.

The party for everyone involved in the project, was organized by SPI marketing, my client, and featured a number of beer themed menu items and a special Miller64 cake!

The Chicago Lifestyle Photographer ads, which were shot over the course of two days, will begin appearing everywhere including the magazines Instinct, Genre and The Advocate.


Chicago Lifestyle Photographer Credits

Clients: SPI Marketing, Art Direction by Doug Budin & George Maquieira. MillerCoors LGBT Brand Manager Doug Sanborn. Miller64 Associate Brand Manager Sonia Urintsev.

Producer: Chengetayi Chando

Fashion Styling: Isaac King

Prop Styling: Ramsey Price

Hair & Make-up: Brandon Trumfio

Models: Michael Buonincontro, Anthony Carasa, Michael McBride, Chris Pandolfo, Jonathan Pelan, Darrell Rice, and Gemini Wadley


Chicago Lifestyle Photographer photoshoot wrap photo
Everyone involved in the bar shoot, including our MillerCoors and SPI clients, except for me because I took the picture.
launch party for Chicago Lifestyle Photographer
The cast, MillerCoors clients and crew pose for a photo with the new Miller 64 ads.
Miller64 cake
Everyone works to capture the special Miller64 red velvet cake… appropriately red and white!

Chicago Lifestyle photographer glbt ad photography