Unboxing the new Elinchrom THREE a 250ws battery powered compact monolight with TTL and HSS

in this video I’m going to unbox the new Elinchrom THREE, a 261 watt-second compact battery powered flash unit.

The Elinchrom THREE is a new portable off-camera flash unit that is around the size of a 70 to 200mm lens. It will produce 525 full power 261 watt second flashes on a single charge of the integrated lithium ion battery. It features TTL and HSS as well.

And if you’re running low on power during a shoot, you can charge the light with any USB-C power source while you’re shooting. You don’t have to turn it off to charge it.

Elinchrom THREE One Light Kit
Adorama https://howl.me/ckOHJkaLdm0
B&H https://bhpho.to/46Sg90q

Elinchrom THREE Two Light Kit
Adorama https://howl.me/ckOHKuk7x2V
B&H https://bhpho.to/46BxRW2

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The compact Elinchom THREE will fit in any modifier made for the Profoto system and it comes with a nice adapter that will allow you to use it with any of the standard Elinchrom modifiers. It uses the Elinchrom radio system, however you could trigger it with Profoto lights by turning on the photocell.

The Elinchom THREE also comes with a knob AND a lever to secure the tilt mechanism.

It’s predecessor the Elinchom ONE came with a rubber adapter and only had a knob on the tilt mechanism. Unfortunately, I had difficulty keeping large modifiers in place with that light.


The Elinchrom THREE is exactly half the power of the Elinchrom FIVE and twice the power of the Elinchrom ONE. The ONE was just strong enough to shoot outdoors with high speed sync in small modifiers, so having one more stop of power will make this light more attractive for many users. If you plan on using a large softbox outdoors, or a beauty dish, the Elinchrom FIVE would be a better choice given the fact that it has twice the power and an umbrella hole inside of the octa ring to accommodate the deflector discs for Elinchrom Beauty Dishes.

Recycle time

The Elinchrom THREE can recycle in 1.2 seconds at full power, which is slightly faster than a Profoto B10X which recycles in 1.3 seconds. I conducted a test with the Elinchrom THREE at full power, and confirmed that the recycle time is exactly 1.2 seconds.


As I mentioned earlier the Elinchrom THREE internal battery is capable of 525 full power flashes and you can charge it with the Included charger in only one hour and 40 minutes. Plus, you can charge it in general with any USB-C power source and that includes your ability to do so while you’re shooting. The come in really helpful as Ive used power banks and my MacBook charger to keep Elinchrom lights charged up on set.

On the other hand, the Profoto B10x battery is capable of 400 flashes and you have to use the proprietary charger.

Modeling lamp

The Elinchrom THREE appears to share the same 20-watt bi-color modeling lamp as the Elinchrom one which produces 3000 lumens of light which is quite comparable to the 24 watt 3200 lumen modeling lamp in the B10 X

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