Headshots: Leve’ll Cole

John Gress Chicago Photographer

“I really liked this shot because when I think of a man in uniform, I think of him looking like this,” explained stylist Isaac King. “Authoratative, yet sexy.”

A Day at the Beach

John Gress Chicago Photographer

What better way to spend an early summer day than with a day at the beach. Stylist Isaac King and I decided to do a lifestyle shoot with two models: Jaquez Andre and Isaiah Ross. Isaac cast Isaiah and I cast Jaquez. “John and I bet on who’s model would be better,” King explained. “In […]

Headshots: Male Model Ethnic

Ethnic, who loves to proclaim ‘Black is Beautiful,’ flew from Atlanta to work with us. He was only the second model we worked with who didn’t live in the Chicago area. Today, working with out of town talent, is far more common. Because our standard modus operandi was to shoot in my hood, we decided […]

Actor Headshots: Sean Parris

John Gress Chicago Photographer

The moment Sean walked through the door… I was like “whoa.” His facial features are so distinctive – he was made to model. Right off the bat, stylist Isaac King and I leaned in to one another and whispered, “now were going to get some pictures.”