A Day at the Beach

What better way to spend an early summer day than with a day at the beach. Stylist Isaac King and I decided to do a lifestyle shoot with two models: Jaquez Andre and Isaiah Ross. Isaac cast Isaiah and I cast Jaquez. “John and I bet on who’s model would be better,” King explained. “In the end  it was a draw. Isaiah had a better expressions in the life style images, but Jaquez had the better movement. Well DUH! Jaquez is a professional dancer.”

"John kept making Jaquez jump in the air for 45mins. The guy was obviously exhausted. But John kept saying "ok,that was good. Do it again! LOL!" - Stylist Isaac King

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"Isaiah and I pretend we found humor in the bait shop on the other end of the beach." - Model Jaquez Andre


Credits: Make-up by Cindy Vazquez. Styling by Isaac King. The second behind the scenes photo is by Isaac King.

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