Sports Photography – Chicago Marathon: T2

Sports Photographer captures Chicago Marathon

Runner make their way though Chinatown during the Chicago Marathon as captured by a professional Sports Photographer


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Chicago Marathon: This weekend I photographed the Chicago Marathon for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Team to End AIDS (T2). It was a fun experience finding just over 130 runners in a sea of 45,000. At first I thought it was going to be a difficult task, but thanks to the unique design of their jersey, it wasn’t that hard after all.

This images will be used in advertising campaigns so the organization can solicit even more donations.

The mission of T2 is to improve the lives of those who are affected by HIV/AIDS by raising funds to support the programs of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Click here to make a donation.

[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Runners pass the Chicago theare during the Chicago Marathon
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Along with capturing great light and the athletes I wanted the images to have some Chicago landmarks as well.
Sports Photographer captures runners during the Chicago Marathon
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I love this area below which I found on Franklin Street, where sunlight was reflecting off of two buildings and hitting the runners from opposite angles. You can guarantee I’ll be there again next year!
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Runners headown Franklin during the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Cheerleaders pose during the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]A sports photographer captures a runner during the Marathon in Chicago
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Runners pass the Chicago theatre during the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Sports Photography of the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Runners pass the Chicago River during the Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Model runs during the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]Team to end AIDS runner during the Chicago Marathon
[dt_divider style=”narrow”/]AIDS Foundation of Chicago runner during the Marathon

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