Rice Saved The Day

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the clumsiest person on earth. After I finished shooting the Kentucky Derby Saturday I knocked over a bottle of water onto my laptop. Luckily for me, the computer was off at the time. My friends helped me dry it off and disassemble it on the spot. Water was everywhere inside the case.

I threw it in a trash bag with a bag of rice Saturday night and hoped for the best. When I got home Sunday I placed it in a baking dish full of rice and the wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap.

I heard on TV once that you can place wet electronics in rice and it will draw out the moisture. Several sites on the internet had different timelines. Some suggesting that you should wait three days, others a week, so I split the difference.

In the end, I stripped a few screws and I probably left some rice in there somewhere… but heh… it works!

Here I am shaking out the water out right after it happened (L) and here’s the computer…. business as usual (R).


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