It’s Christmas in March – New Cameras!

It’s an exciting day! When I returned from shooting March-Madness I had a package. A very big and important package. Right before I left town I got a call from Adorama saying two Canon 5D Mark III cameras were on their way. A month a go no one knew they even existed and I am the first person I know who has even held one, let a lone owned two of them.

I can’t wait to get out into the real world and test them shooting sports and politics.

I like the feel of these cameras in my hand. You can tell they are tougher than their predecessor and the impression I get is that its the best built camera without a grip since the EOS-1N film camera, which I sold in 2000.

Congratulations — Twins!

The biggest decision I have to make now is to figure out which of my old cameras I should sell? Because receiving these cameras so quickly was a surprise, I didn’t have a chance to work through which two of my three older cameras I want to sell. Since the 5d3 is 6fps, do I keep one of my two 7D cameras (8fps) or do I keep my 5D2 because its has better noise performance than the 7D and will produce visuals similar to the 5D3 because its also a full frame camera?

I just shot this photo using one of the cameras and two of my new Kino Flos. 1/250 f2 ISO 200 85mm f1.2L USM

Shooting movies will have to wait for next week… but I can’t wait because the camera shoots much higher quality video than previous models.

Of course I couldn’t resist putting on in my movie rig. My only complaint is that they moved the positioning pin on the bottom of the camera so now it will take a little longer to make sure the camera is inline with the rails.


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