Hair and Beauty Industry Commercial Photographer: Wahl Pro Education

Hair and Beauty Industry Commercial Photographer captures Ethan posing

At John Gress Photography, we specialize in creating compelling visual content for the hair and beauty industry. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Wahl, the renowned clipper company, to develop educational materials aimed at professional barbers and stylists. This project highlights our expertise as a hair and beauty industry commercial photographer, delivering high-quality […]

Professional Hair Photography for NAHA Competitions: Elevate Your Styling to Award-Winning Levels

This is a behind the scenes image of the entire hair, make up and styling crew working together to pull off the photo shoot, including beaming one of the lights and employing two large fans to blow is hair for the following image: This image shows an Asian model with waste long, straight black hair that is blowing in the wind. Every single hair is frozen perfectly which showcases a skill that I have, which is very important for this type of photo shoot. he is wearing endrogenous vintage clothing

Professional Hair Photography for NAHA Competitions: Elevate Your Images to Award-Winning Levels Professional hair photography is essential for showcasing the artistry and skill required to excel in prestigious beauty competitions like the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). As a Chicago-based photographer with extensive experience working with top hairstylists and beauty professionals, I’ve been privileged to […]

Commercial Modeling Photographer in Chicago: Capturing Your Brand’s Essence

Commercial Modeling Photographer in Chicago John Gress shooting Jessica in this Behind The Scenes image

Hiring the right commercial modeling photographer in Chicago can significantly impact your brand’s image and customer engagement. Professional imagery not only enhances your marketing materials but also helps in building and maintaining customer loyalty. In this post, we will explore the essential qualities to look for in commercial photographers in Chicago, using the successful collaboration […]

Sports Advertising Photography in Chicago

Sports Advertising Photography in Chicago NBA photoshoot

It was another star studded jam packed day of Sports Advertising Photography working with the top 40 NBA draft picks for Panini America at the New York Knicks training facility in Tarrytown, New York. And just like NFLPA Rookie Premier, I set up two lighting setups on the same set. so I could take more portraits in the same amount of time.