Professional Hair Photography for NAHA Competitions: Elevate Your Styling to Award-Winning Levels

Professional Hair Photography for NAHA Competitions: Elevate Your Images to Award-Winning Levels

Professional hair photography is essential for showcasing the artistry and skill required to excel in prestigious beauty competitions like the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). As a Chicago-based photographer with extensive experience working with top hairstylists and beauty professionals, I’ve been privileged to capture stunning images that have been nominated multiple times and I have worked with multiple NAHA winners.

This portrait shows an African-American model with freckles and a very large Afro. He is styled in vintage clothing and is photographed in high contrast lighting that shows off the texture of his hair
This portrait features an African-American model with freckles and a voluminous Afro. Dressed in vintage clothing, he is captured in high contrast lighting that highlights the texture and depth of his hair.

Why Professional Hair Photography Matters

High-quality photography is crucial for capturing the intricate details and creativity of hair styling. For NAHA and other competitions, the photographs need to highlight the stylist’s talent while ensuring every detail is perfect. Professional hair photography can make or break a submission to these competitions, as the judges rely heavily on the visual representation of the work to make their decisions.

The NAHA Experience

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is the premier competition in the beauty industry, celebrating top professionals across various categories. Winning or being nominated for a NAHA award can significantly enhance a hairstylist’s career, bringing prestige and recognition. The competition is fierce, and every detail matters, from the concept and execution of the hairstyle to the final photographic presentation.

This is a behind the scenes image of the entire hair, make up and styling crew working together to pull off the photo shoot, including beaming one of the lights and employing two large fans to blow is hair for the following image: This image shows an Asian model with waste long, straight black hair that is blowing in the wind. Every single hair is frozen perfectly which showcases a skill that I have, which is very important for this type of photo shoot. he is wearing endrogenous vintage clothing
This behind-the-scenes image showcases the hair, makeup, and styling crew working together, emphasizing the collaborative effort required for a successful shoot.

Collaborating with Top Stylists

Working with talented stylists like Jamie DiGrazia of Logan Parlor, I have had the opportunity to capture extraordinary hair designs. Jamie’s expertise and creativity are evident in the stunning results of this photoshoot for her NAHA entry. These collaborations are a testament to the importance of teamwork in creating award-winning images. Each photoshoot involves a dedicated team of hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists who work together to bring the creative vision to life.

Techniques for Capturing Perfect Hair Shots

One of the key skills in hair photography is the ability to freeze motion and capture every detail perfectly. This is especially important for styles that involve intricate details or movement. Using advanced lighting techniques, I ensure that each strand of hair is captured in perfect clarity, showcasing the stylist’s artistry.

This image shows an Asian model with waste long, straight black hair that is blowing in the wind. Every single hair is frozen perfectly which showcases a skill that I have, which is very important for this type of photo shoot. he is wearing endrogenous vintage clothing
This image features an Asian model with waist-length, straight black hair blowing in the wind, capturing each strand in perfect detail.

Award-Winning Hair Photography

I have been nominated multiple times for NAHA awards and have had the privilege of working with five award-winning hairstylists and teams. My expertise in professional photography plays a crucial role in achieving recognition in the beauty industry. These accolades are a testament to my ability to capture the stylist’s vision and artistry, demonstrating how my high-quality images are essential for success in prestigious competitions.

This photo shows a model with reddish brown hair call that is quite long and crimped. He is also wearing vintage clothing
This photo showcases a model with long, reddish-brown hair, highlighting the texture and style beautifully.

Working with Wahl Clipper Corporation

One of the standout projects in my career was my collaboration with Wahl Clipper Corporation. Founded in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl, the company has been a leader in the hair grooming industry for over a century. Wahl revolutionized barber tools with the introduction of the electromagnetic motor, leading to the creation of the first practical electric hair clipper. Today, Wahl continues to innovate, offering top-quality products and services that set the global standard in the industry.

Wahl’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its products to include educational materials for professional barbers. These materials help barbers improve their skills and build better relationships with their customers, fostering loyalty and trust. For our project, Wahl partnered with me to create a series of images for their educational materials. This collaboration aimed to produce high-quality visuals that would enhance the brand’s training programs for professional barbers.

The Importance of Communication and Collaboration

One of the most critical aspects of a successful commercial photoshoot is clear communication between the client and the photographer. Understanding the client’s vision ensures that the final images align with the brand’s goals and aesthetic. This was particularly important for Wahl Clipper Corporation, as their educational materials needed to reflect their commitment to quality and innovation.

I took the time to understand Wahl’s specific needs and objectives. By engaging in detailed discussions and planning sessions, I ensured that every shot captured the essence of Wahl’s brand, showcasing the precision and professionalism that the company is known for.

Technical Skills and Equipment

The quality of commercial photography heavily depends on the equipment used. State-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and editing software can significantly enhance the final images, ensuring they meet the highest standards of professionalism and clarity. My investment in cutting-edge technology allows me to capture high-resolution images that showcase every detail of the haircuts and styles.

For Wahl, this attention to detail was crucial. The high-quality images provided barbers with clear, detailed visuals that were essential for learning and perfecting new techniques. The use of modern equipment ensured that every aspect of the haircuts was captured with precision, making the educational materials highly effective.

The Role of Post-Production in Commercial Photography

Post-production is a critical phase in commercial photography, where raw images are transformed into polished, professional photos. This process involves editing and retouching to enhance the overall composition, color balance, and detail of each image. My expertise in this area ensures that every photo meets the highest standards of quality.

For the Wahl project, I meticulously reviewed the images and performed precise editing to highlight the intricacies of each haircut. This attention to detail ensured that the final images were not only clear and professional but also visually engaging, making them ideal for educational purposes.

Booking Your Professional Hair Photography Session

If you’re a hairstylist looking to capture your work for a competition or to enhance your portfolio, professional photography is a must. I offer tailored sessions that meet the specific needs of hair photography, ensuring your work is presented in the best possible light.

Contact us to discuss your project and book your session. Together, we can create stunning images that showcase your talent and help you achieve recognition in the beauty industry.


Q: Why is professional hair photography important for competitions?
A: High-quality photography captures the intricate details and creativity of hair styling, which is crucial for competitions like NAHA where judges rely heavily on the visual representation of the work.
Q: What should I prepare for a hair photography session?
A: Plan your styles in advance, collaborate with your photographer, ensure models are well-prepared and comfortable, and bring all necessary tools and products.
Q: How can I book a session?
A: Contact us through our contact page to discuss your project and book your session.


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