Vacation Therapy


I used to hate taking photos while on vacation, but as I have gotten older I have found it almost therapeutic to capture these moments, even if for no other reason than populating my computers wallpaper slideshow.

Whether it was exploring China’s Forbidden City, or fashioning a tripod out of wallets and phones in Seattle to take the photo above, I’m always moving through my adventures looking to add some icons to my photo album.

Apparently, I’m a giant! Either that or people in China are really short.
You can make a tripod out of anything.

I’m doing what I love, it’s something I’m drawn to and I can’t turn if off. Everywhere I go I see compositions and light, causing my mind to wonder off into the possibilities. My musical friends say the world is their symphony and every footstep a new beat. Their crescendos and my compositions stem from the same source: passion.

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