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Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 Review

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 review, Parabolic softboxes are truly better

I bought this modifier 2 years ago and I didn't really know what I had until I tested it against my other modifiers and...

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Complete training guide to color effects gels

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE – Lighting Tutorial – Gels – Part 1 & 2

This 40 minute class will cover everything you need to know about color effects gels!

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begiiners lighting tutorial with flash

Transitioning from window light to flash – a beginners guide to portrait lighting

This video will help you learn essential techniques with basic equipment to create and control artificial light, so that you don’t have to worry...

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Elinchrom Bridge

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Do you need to buy the Elinchrom Bridge? Control up to 20 lights individually or simultaneously

The new Elinchrom Bridge device allows you to speed up your workflow by controlling the brightness, modeling light, recycle time, photocell, and beep right...

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Lightroom and photoshop retouching

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: How I retouch my photos in Lightroom Classic

How I retouch my photos in Lightroom Classic plus extending the background in Photoshop with content aware fill

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