Beauty Retouching Tutorial With Infinite Skin & Infinite Retouch Photoshop Plugins

In today’s video I will show you how I retouched this beauty image in Photoshop. I will liquefy, clone and heal. Then I will smooth the skin and dodge and burn with Infinite Tools plugins. And Then Finally I will fix her hair color and cleanup the seamless background.

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: How I retouch my photos in Capture One 21 including using the Beyond Film style packs.

In this video I will share my process for retouching photos in Capture One 21. Including how the C1 Beyond Film style packs have changed the way I grade my photos in post.

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tethering with your canon EOS R5

How to tether your Canon EOS R5 in Lightroom Classic using EOS Utility

In today’s video I am going to show you how to tether your Canon EOS R5 to Lightroom Classic using EOS Utility.

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Lightroom and photoshop retouching

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: How I retouch my photos in Lightroom Classic

How I retouch my photos in Lightroom Classic plus extending the background in Photoshop with content aware fill

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UPLOAD 4K Does medium format really out preform 35mm? Hasselblad H1XD II, Canon EOS R5, Nikon D850 -RAW files

We’ve all heard that medium format is better than 35mm, but is it really true? The purpose of this review was to test the cameras’ performance when resolving subtle color and detail sharpness while shooting a still life bouquet pf flowers. It’s not scientific but more practical.

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