Oops! Iowa Republicans Can’t Finalize Their Election & Perry Endorses Gingrich, Who’s Ex Said Wanted An Open Marriage

It was a wacky day today in politics. Newt Gringrich’s second wife said he wanted an open relationship, the same day Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Gingrich. But wait there is more.. the Iowa Republican party says Satorum now leads the caucuses by 34 votes but they lost some ballots and can’t determine who won their January 3rd election….. no really… No really… I am not kidding.

Flash From The Past: July 8, 2006, Our Fatherless Children

I’m not sure why I was attracted to the Patriot Guard, maybe it was the visuals, their newsworthyness or something else….. Normally, I don’t personally get turned on by this form of patriotism. I love america as much as the next guy, but flag worshiping motor cycle riders really aren’t my demographic. They don’t live along side me and the other yuppies and the guppies in this major city I now call home.