Canon EOS R5 – First Impressions and Behind-the-Scenes on a Studio Portrait Test photoshoot

I got to play with my new camera on a Portrait shoot and the new eye and face detection auto focus rocks!

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Unboxing the BG-R10 Grip for the new Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera

I just got the grip and camera, which will replace my 5DIV. I will have a full review soon!

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Unboxing the Canon EOS R5

I just got the camera and my first shoot starts in an hour! I will have an intial reaction video and a full review soon!

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Lightmeters sekonnic L-308 L-478 L-858

Light meters: How flash meters can speed up your workflow and help you properly expose your images

When the topic of light meters comes up, many photographers are surprised to learn that I used them. While TTL and trial and error can be an effective way to nail an exposure, nothing can be more effective than manually and precisely dialing in your lights before fine tuning them on screen.

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The Exposure Triangle-How photographers camera, shutter speed, aperture & ISO exposure settings work

Breaking down in depth how your camera settings and exposure work to record images.

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