My First Music Video

My first music video, “Fallen Leaves” by Marshall Titus, was just released. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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John Gress Chicago Photographer

A New Frontier

About a year ago, I purchased my first cameras that shoot both still photographs and HD video. I now find video to be a liberating medium that will provide me with one more avenue for expression. To that end, I have decided to add a lot of video specific gear to my line-up, including this shoulder mounted camera rig that arrived Saturday and these professional audio accessories that arrived today.

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Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris by Chicago headshot photographer John Gress

Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris

I recently had the pleasure of shooting saxophonist Jafar Idris. It was nice making a series of headshots showcasing an instrument I played in high school.

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