Positivly Aware Magazine Cover Chicago HIV AIDS

Positively Aware Magazine Cover Photoshoot: Staying in the game

Positively Aware Magazine Cover Photoshoot in Chicago: Staying in the game, A rugby player learns to overcome obstacles to care and HIV treatment

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Illinois gay wedding photography: Clemson & Charles get at married at the James Hotel in Chicago

Illinois gay wedding photography: Clemson & Charles

Illinois gay wedding photography: From the moment I met Clem and Charles I knew their wedding was going to be a fun event. The James Hotel, in Chicago, provided the perfect mix of modern and classic elegance with an underlying masculine feel.

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Chicago newspaper portrait photographer John Gress captures Thomas Zoells of Piano Forte

Chicago newspaper portrait photographer: Thomas Zoells of PianoForte

Chicago newspaper portrait photographer: I love creating environmental portraits of people in unique spaces and this photoshoot for Swiss newspaper Le Temps was no exception. The French language newspaper is one of the largest dailies in the country and serves Thomas Zoells home town of Geneva.

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Black Friday shoppers file into a Target store in Chicago on November 22, 2012. Black Friday, the day following the Thanksgiving Day holiday, has traditionally been the busiest shopping day in the United States. REUTERS/John Gress

Black Friday on Thursday?

I’m not really sure why Black Friday is now on Thursday… seems like a race to irrelevance if you ask me. Before too long Black Friday will be on Tuesday and no one will care. Never the less, I was in Target tonight for probably the fifth time on this annual shopping event.

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Zac Vawter, a 31-year-old software engineer from Seattle Washington, climbs 103 floors to the top of the Willis Tower using the worlds first neural-controlled Bionic leg in Chicago, as Physical therapist aide Suzanne Finucane (L) looks on November 4, 2012. According to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, their Center for Bionic Medicine has worked to develop technology that allows amputees like Vawter to better control prosthetics with their own throughs. REUTERS/John Gress

Bionic Man

Many of us would complain that it’s a burden to ascend three floors, but for Zac Vawter, climbing to the third floor of the Willis Tower today was an accomplishment and making it to the 103rd floor was historic.

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