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Music Video: ‘Say Something’ covered by Marcus & Megan

This was my third cover video for singer Marcus Matteo. This time featuring Megan and pianist Patrick. The first two videos were one take live performances where as this was done as a typical music video, where the artists sing along to their recorded track, allowing me to experiment with several different shots and it allowed me to try some things that were a little unexpected like the jib shot at 0:07 that started focused on Patrick’s hands and ended […]

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Chicago Music Video Production Company: ‘Mary Did You Know’

Chicago Music Video Production Company: I just worked with Brian Alwyn to produce a cover of the Christmas song ‘Mary Did You Know?’ featuring pianist Justin.

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Marcus Matteo ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ Live Music Video

Here’s another simple HD music video I shot of a live performance by singer Marcus Matteo and guitarist Rob Z covering I’ll make love to you by Boyz II Men.

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Marcus Matteo – Imagine – Live Music Video

I wanted to share with all of you this simple HD music video I shot of a live performance by singer Marcus Matteo and guitarist Rob Z that was recently released on YouTube.

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Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography portrait

Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography: B Creative Bridal Photoshoot

Recently, B Creative Bridal, part of B Creative Talent, asked me to shoot advertising photos for the launch of their website. Because I was tasked with shooting a web commercial, lifestyle stills and beauty headshots of three different couples and one wedding party on location in the span of ten hours, I asked my friend Jeff Haynes to come and lend a hand. He shot the headshots, while I worked on the behind-the-scenes video and the lifestyle photos. Thank god he was there, because there was no way one person could shoot everything.

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