Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography: B Creative Bridal Photoshoot

Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography Photoshoot portrait

Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography: One of my friends is fond of saying he doesn’t like weddings because there are always two mother-in-laws.

I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed the occasional challenge of telling the story of a couple’s wedding day through my photography.

Recently, B Creative Bridal, part of B Creative Talent, asked me to shoot advertising photos for the launch of their website. Because I was tasked with shooting a web commercial, lifestyle stills and beauty headshots of three different couples and one wedding party on location in the span of ten hours, I asked my friend Jeff Haynes to come and lend a hand. He shot the headshots, while I worked on the behind-the-scenes video and the lifestyle photos. Thank god he was there, because there was no way one person could shoot everything.

The new creative talent agency sets it self apart by offering advertising clients a hair stylist and a make-up artist for the same rate as one person who does both. I have always tried to work this way on my shoots, because having one person can really create a log jam and throw off a production schedule.

Chicago Bridal Photoshoot behind the scenes

Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography Behid-The-Scenes

As it turned out, I spent half my day lighting every set with the help of two assistants and Jeff helped out a little on the video by operating the Jib on a few of the shots in the video.

wedding portrait setup

Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography portrait of three brides in wedding dresses

smilig bride during Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography photoshoot

wedding party during Chicago lifestyle advertising Photography photoshoot

Because it was a multi-media shoot, I shot all of the lifestyle photos in the church with continuous lighting, including two Strand 1.2K HMI Pars, one Keno Flo 4′ 4-light bank and two Keno Flo 2′ 4-light banks.

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