Headshots: Adem A

John Gress Chicago Photographer

If you have a followed my blog regularly I am sure you have seen model Adem A. I figured I would share some frames with you that have a few more layers this time.

The Washing Machine

Model Jason C had to tough out a 70-degree air temperature on this fall day when he washed his jeans and my hoodie in Lake Michigan.


John Gress Chicago Photographer

I think it took about 20 painful takes to nail this challenging image. By the time I had the shot, the models torsos were red and there hair was covered in dust.

One Day A Month

John Gress Chicago Photographer

I had a very busy day today… I met with an HIV / AIDS charity to discuss how I can volunteer my services to help them with their marketing initiatives. I did this last year for The Edge Alliance and helped them with a campaign for their Dining Out For Life event. After plastering my pictures all over buses and magazines, the charity raised more than three times what they usually raise from this event. It is my goal for 2011 to volunteer at least 12 days of my time to help others make the world a better place. I would like to challenge all of you to do the same… after all, it is only one day a month.