Audra Soulias (R), a former personal assistant to William Kennedy Smith, leaves a news conference with friend Gerd-Lind Kolarik in Chicago, August 26, 2004. Soulias is accusing Kennedy Smith, a nephew of Senator Edward Kennedy, who was acquitted in a highly publicized 1991 rape trial in Florida, of sexually harassing subordinates in a lawsuit. Smith, a 43-year-old doctor who helped found a global organization in 1996 that helps the disabled, denied the 5-year-old allegations in the lawsuit brought by Soulias August 25, 2004.

Flash From The Past: August 26th, 2004

Seven years ago today I found myself in the middle of a circus along with an over zealous camera totting legal assistant demonstrating her karate skills, after Audra Soulias, a former personal assistant to William Kennedy Smith, accused the member of ‘America’s royal family’ of sexually harassing subordinates.

Chicago Videographer Stop The Stigma A Day With HIV In America By John Gress

A Day With HIV In America Trailer Released

Positively Aware magazine just released the trailer to a video my team volunteered to produce in order to help publicize the second annual A Day with HIV in America. The national campaign features an online photo essay project focused on destigmatizing and demystifying the virus. Whether you’re negative or positive, we are all affected by HIV.