John Gress Chicago Photographer


I think it took about 20 painful takes to nail this challenging image. By the time I had the shot, the models torsos were red and there hair was covered in dust.

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Calvin G & Eric W

Credits: Make-up by Deirdra Carney.

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Group photo by Chicago environmental portrait photographer

Chicago Charity Advertising Photography: Dining Out For Life

I had a the great fortune to donate my Chicago charity advertising photography services to Chicago’s Edge Alliance, which is involved in a wide range of initiatives that respond to the needs of the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, the disabled, and veterans.

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Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris by Chicago headshot photographer John Gress

Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris

I recently had the pleasure of shooting saxophonist Jafar Idris. It was nice making a series of headshots showcasing an instrument I played in high school.

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Compcard Heradshots by Chicago Photographer John Gress

Compcard Photographer: Chicago Male Model Troy Z

Compcards: Male Model Troy Z has a strong look and can keep you from turning the page whether hes staring back at you or laughing in his headshots and photography portfolio.

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