Chicago Music Video Videographer

Chicago music video videographer: “I Will” by Marshall Titus

Emotional Story Line Seeks To Stop The Stigma of HIV: For almost 30 years the focus solely on condom usage and fear has led to a rift in in the gay community.

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“I Will” Music Video Trailer Released And Launch Party Announced

Just over a week ago, I started filming a music video for the song “I Will,” a powerful and moving piece. Needless to say, I am very excited about the release of the video, which will debut September 15th! Please click here to view the trailer.

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Chicago Photographer Boystown Stabbing John Gress

VIDEO: Stabbing Exposes Racial Rift In Chicago’s Boystown

A videotaped stabbing and beating of a man in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood has exposed some wide rifts in the cities gay neighborhood.

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