Sports Lifestyle Advertising Photographer: T2 Campaign

Chicago Sports Lifestyle Advertising Photographer: I’m so glad that I can finally share these images with you now that the ad campaign has been released!

At the end of winter, on a day when the temperature didn’t reach 10-degrees, I needed to create an ad campaign to promote an organization that competes in summertime athletic events to raise money for charity. Even though it was sunny on the day of our shoot, if I dared take the athletes on location, in no time at all it would have resulted in frostbite and frozen pained expressions.

So the solution was to have the athletes suit up in my studio and light them as though they were outdoors on a sunny day. Then the following frigid morning, I woke up at sunrise and captured scenes of Chicago that could be used as backgrounds for the photos. Once I applied the same sharpening and contrast adjustments to both images to create an intense hyper-realism, I combined the two into what you see here.

I love shooting on location and prefer it! So don’t start thinking most of the photos you see on this site are compilations, they aren’t. it’s just that sometimes difficult situations require creative solutions.

Behind the scenes Chicago sports lifestyle photographer

The TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) Chicago is a charity endurance training program benefiting the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC). Since 2003, T2 has trained thousands of participants for half-marathons, marathons, triathlons and cycling events.

AFC is a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Collaborating with community organizations to develop and improve HIV/AIDS services, AFC funds and coordinates prevention, care, and advocacy projects including effective, compassionate HIV/AIDS policy.

Registration for any T2 training programs is $99 and includes Race entry, Fitness Formula Clubs membership, training led by certified USA Triathlon and USA Track & Field coaches, a personal fundraising page, training/race shirts and race day support.

They are currently trying to signup runners for the Chicago Marathon! Visit to learn more and register for the Chicago Triathlon 8/10, Chicago Half Marathon 9/7 and other competitions.

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Chicago Sports Lifestyle Photographer created this composit image for his Advertising Photography campaign
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female bike rider as seen in Sports Lifestyle Advertising campaign
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Composit image for Chicago sports lifestyle marketing campaign
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Male model poses for Chicago Sports Lifestyle ad campaign
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male fitness model poses for Chicago Sports Lifestyle ad campaign

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