Modeling Portfolios Redefined: The Art of Expression

female model in front of a purple backdrop the has a white circle of light behind her head

In the dynamic world of modeling, where self-expression meets artistry, finding a photographer who can seamlessly blend creativity and professionalism is akin to discovering a hidden gem. Enter the enchanting realm of John Gress, a visionary artist behind the lens, whose magical ability to translate imagination into visual stories sets him apart as Chicago’s foremost creative modeling portfolio photographer.

Afro Magic: Sculpting Stories with Style

female model in front of a purple backdrop the has a white circle of light behind her head

Diversity and uniqueness are at the heart of creative expression. Picture this: a female model with a round afro that’s more than just hair – it’s a canvas for creativity. Each twist and turn is sculpted into intriguing shapes, a testament to the model’s personality and style. John Gress understands that every detail contributes to the narrative, and his lens captures the magic of it all.

Dazzling in Disco Lights: A Party of Colors

the models afro is styled in interesting shapes, female model with a round afro wearing a sparkly dress the model is illuminated with yellow, blue, and red light to create a disco party atmosphere

Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a disco wonderland. Now, imagine freezing that moment in time, capturing the energy, excitement, and vibrancy. John Gress doesn’t just capture images; he captures emotions. A female model donning a sparkly dress comes alive under the play of yellow, blue, and red lights – a disco party atmosphere brought to life. It’s more than a photograph; it’s an experience.

The Gradient of Beauty: A Symphony of Light

female model in front of a purple background illuminated by edge lighting that creates a beautiful gradient on her skin

Artistry lies in the details, and John Gress is a true artisan. Envision a female model against a purple canvas, her skin kissed by the gradient of edge lighting. The result? A breathtaking interplay of light and shadow that accentuates her features and creates a canvas of ethereal beauty. John’s skill lies not just in photography but in the mastery of visual storytelling.

About Us

Models choose Chicago headshot photographer and portrait photographer John Gress to shoot great headshots, build their professional portfolios or celebrate one of life’s milestones. With years of experience in lifestyle and fashion photography, John Gress brings a creative approach to head shots that will set your LinkedIn apart, or that casting directors & agents notice.You can shoot in his studio or nearby outdoors. To view his headshot portfolio, please visit our gallery.

Our pricing and packages are designed to give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need, without having to pay for options you don’t want. Whether you are looking for a single finished image for your LinkedIn, or 20 images for your Instagram, you can get exactly what you need. All sessions include at least 1 retouched image with additional images available for purchase.

After the shoot I will send a link to a web gallery with all of the photos, minus the terrible ones, with a watermark on top. Then you will go through them and pick the images you would liked retouched. Once you send us the file names, we will retouch them, taking in to account any notes your have. Then, we will upload high resolution versions of the retouched images without watermarks for you to download.

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