“I Will” Music Video Continues To Touch People, This Time On Black Gay Men’s Blog

The video I directed for Marshall Titus’ “I will” is continuing to gain traction and its continuing to move people. This week it was featured on Black Gay Men’s Blog. After hearing the interview and listening to the reactions of the host, who explained , “To say I was moved by the “I Will” music video would be an understatement,” I was reminded why I made this video: to make the world a more tolerant and accepting place for everyone.

The following comments were left on the blog post and the first one actually made me tear up. This video is powerful and I couldn’t be more proud that it is touching people and helping to bridge the gap that divides two sides of the community.

“Black gay men – we need to love and support each other a lil bit more. Stuff like this makes us all think. I’m sitting here full of all kinds of emotions & my BFF is crying
his eyes out, he just tested positive.” – Kamarr

“You captured every emotion that a person feels when faced with finding out that they are HIV+. We really do need more people to come to terms with the fact that their is life after HIV. I wish I could say more but after seeing this video I’m at a lost for words. I’m going to show this to my partner if he hasn’t seen it already.” - Biggs Smurf

“I’m gonna play this to my buddy who is coming over later today, I think he might have something to tell me and I want him to know it’s ok.” – BKBiLocz

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