Chicago Headshot & Fashion Photography: Brooke T

As a Chicago headshot & fashion photographer, you can come up with as many ideas and lighting concepts as you want, but they will all fall short unless you have a good model. Brooke T is not just a good model, she is stunning.

Looking through the camera, I could just tell that the results were going to stand out and be a great addition to my portfolio.

For the image below I used a Profoto 5′ Octabox in a skylight position.

Chicago Headshot Photographer

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This image and the lead photo were made with a beauty dish.

Chicago Headshot Photographer


I wanted to produce a soft natural look to these images, so I decided to use sidelight from a very large source.

Chicago Fashion Photographer - John Gress Photography

Chicago Fashion Photographer - John Gress PhotographyModel Brook T. Styling by Siena R. Hair by Tennia W. Make-up by Ana O.

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