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male model side profile with edge lighting on black backdrop shot in black and white

In the heart of the Windy City, where dreams are as big as skyscrapers, actors and performers are in constant pursuit of that one opportunity that could change the game. To make those opportunities knock a little louder, you need headshots that speak volumes. Enter John Gress Photography – the name that’s synonymous with exceptional headshots in Chicago. Whether you’re a seasoned actor or just stepping onto the stage, John Gress Photography has the expertise and creativity to capture your essence and skyrocket your chances in the spotlight.

Meet the Mind Behind the Lens: John Gress

John Gress is not just your run-of-the-mill photographer; he’s a master storyteller with the camera as his medium. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of Chicago, he has honed his craft over the years, resulting in a style that’s a perfect blend of professionalism and relaxation. His photography doesn’t just capture moments; it encapsulates emotions, stories, and the very essence of his subjects.

Cracking the Code of Headshot Photography

Male model headshot with a white background

Headshots are more than just pictures; they’re a calling card that opens doors to the world of acting. John Gress Photography understands this truth and approaches every headshot session with meticulous attention. Each photo isn’t just a click of the shutter; it’s an artistic masterpiece that showcases your personality, range, and potential.

Unveiling the Charm of Chicago’s Male Model Headshots

male model side profile with edge lighting on black backdrop shot in black and white

John Gress Photography isn’t just about capturing a face; it’s about capturing your story. Picture this: a male model headshot against a crisp white backdrop. This classic setup lets your features shine, leaving no room for distractions to steal the limelight from your captivating expression.

For those who crave drama and intensity, John’s black and white side profile shots are nothing short of awe-inspiring. These shots, bathed in edge lighting against a black backdrop, highlight the contours of your face, adding a touch of enigma that casting directors adore.

Elegance in Monochrome: Jacketed Poise in Black and White

male model wearing jacket sitting on stool in black and white

For a dash of sophistication, throw on a jacket. John Gress Photography’s black and white shots capture a male model sitting on a stool, radiating confidence and charm. With the jacket adding an air of elegance, these images are tailor-made for actors seeking roles that demand a suave demeanor.

Timeless Accessories: Wristwatch Elegance in Every Frame

male model headshot wearing watch

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that leave the most lasting impressions. A headshot of a male model wearing a watch might seem like a minor touch, but it speaks volumes about punctuality and attention to detail – traits that directors hold dear. John Gress Photography ensures that these nuances are artfully captured, enhancing your headshot’s storytelling potential.

From Imagination to Reality: Posing with Movie Set Props

male model posing with movie set props

Versatility is a prized trait in the acting world. John Gress Photography recognizes this and offers headshots that showcase your ability to transform. Imagine a male model confidently posing with movie set props. These images tell a story of their own, hinting at the characters you’re capable of bringing to life on screen.

In the competitive world of acting, a headshot that makes a statement can be the turning point. John Gress Photography ensures that your headshot isn’t just a snapshot – it’s a visual masterpiece that encapsulates your uniqueness, making you the ideal candidate for your dream role.

In your journey toward success, your headshot is your strongest ally. So, if you’re on the hunt for headshots that radiate charisma, versatility, and style, the answer is clear: John Gress Photography. Your first step toward seizing those opportunities starts with a click, a consultation, and a session that promises to reveal the true actor within. Elevate your portfolio with headshots that leave a lasting impact, because in the world of acting, those first impressions are your ticket to stardom. All of this magic is encapsulated in the stunning work of John Gress Photography – where every image tells a tale waiting to unfold on the Chicago stage.

About Us

Actors choose Chicago headshot photographer and portrait photographer John Gress to shoot great headshots, build their professional portfolios or celebrate one of life’s milestones. With years of experience in lifestyle and fashion photography, John Gress brings a creative approach to head shots that will set your LinkedIn apart, or that casting directors & agents notice.You can shoot in his studio or nearby outdoors. To view his headshot portfolio, please visit our gallery.

Our pricing and packages are designed to give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need, without having to pay for options you don’t want. Whether you are looking for a single finished image for your LinkedIn, or 20 images for your Instagram, you can get exactly what you need. All sessions include at least 1 retouched image with additional images available for purchase.

After the shoot I will send a link to a web gallery with all of the photos, minus the terrible ones, with a watermark on top. Then you will go through them and pick the images you would liked retouched. Once you send us the file names, we will retouch them, taking in to account any notes your have. Then, we will upload high resolution versions of the retouched images without watermarks for you to download.

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