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The Art of Editorial Model Photography

Editorial model photography is a unique genre that goes beyond traditional photography by focusing on storytelling and artistic expression. For those seeking an editorial model photographer in Chicago, this style offers the perfect opportunity to evoke emotions, convey a message, and tell a story through captivating images. This type of photography is often featured in magazines, fashion editorials, and other media outlets where creating a visual narrative is key.

Jason in a dynamic editorial pose
Jason captivates with his unique style, seated on an antique wooden chair while holding a vintage telephone. His red suit jacket contrasts beautifully against the yellow backdrop, creating a striking visual.

At the heart of editorial model photography in Chicago is John Gress, a renowned photographer known for his ability to capture the unique character and artistic vision in every shot. With a career spanning over two decades, John has become a go-to photographer for models seeking to create standout portfolios. His work is characterized by innovative lighting techniques, creative compositions, and a keen eye for detail, making him a top choice for editorial model photography in the city.

For models like Jason, working with an experienced editorial model photographer in Chicago like John can be transformative. Through John’s work, Jason’s unique style and personality are brought to life in ways that standard photography cannot achieve. This collaboration results in a portfolio that not only captures the attention of modeling agencies and clients but also stands out in a competitive industry.

The Essence of Editorial Model Photography

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial model photography focuses on storytelling and artistic expression. In this genre, the model is not just a subject but an integral part of the narrative being told. The images are carefully crafted to capture the model’s emotions, movements, and personality in a way that resonates with the viewer. This approach requires creativity and collaboration between the photographer and the model, resulting in images that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

Unlike commercial photography, which aims to sell a product or service, editorial photography seeks to evoke emotions and convey a message. This type of photography is often found in magazines and fashion editorials, where the emphasis is on creating a visual story. The images produced in editorial shoots are not just about showcasing clothing or products but about capturing a moment, an emotion, or a story.

The Artistic Approach

One of the key elements that set editorial model photography apart is the artistic approach. This genre allows for a great deal of creative freedom, enabling photographers to experiment with different techniques, styles, and concepts. Whether it’s using dramatic lighting, unique compositions, or unconventional poses, the goal is to create images that are visually captivating and thought-provoking.

John excels in this artistic approach, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional photography to create images that stand out. His work often features innovative lighting techniques, such as using colored lights to create striking visual effects or playing with shadows and highlights to add depth and dimension. This artistic vision not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the images but also helps to convey the story and emotions behind each shot.

Jason in a vibrant editorial portrait
A vibrant editorial portrait of Jason, his face illuminated by a spectrum of colored lights, creating a stunning rainbow effect from red to violet.

Why Choose an Editorial Model Photographer in Chicago?

Choosing the right photographer for an editorial shoot is crucial. Chicago offers a dynamic art and fashion scene, providing a diverse range of locations and backdrops for stunning photo shoots. The city’s rich cultural landscape and urban settings create the perfect environment for editorial photography that tells a story and makes a statement.

John’s expertise in editorial model photography makes him an ideal choice for models looking to enhance their portfolios. His extensive experience and unique artistic vision allow him to capture images that are both compelling and memorable. John understands the importance of storytelling in photography and uses his skills to create images that not only showcase the model’s appearance but also convey their personality and style.

Working with John means having access to his creative insights and technical expertise. He is known for his ability to direct models and create a comfortable and collaborative environment during shoots. This ensures that each image reflects the model’s best qualities and aligns with the overall vision of the editorial.

Jason in a high-contrast editorial shot
A behind-the-scenes look at the studio setup, showcasing the lighting setup for a high-contrast black-and-white portrait of Jason.

Choosing an editorial model photographer in Chicago like John ensures that your portfolio will stand out in a competitive industry. His ability to blend technical skill with artistic creativity results in images that are both professional and unique. Whether you are an aspiring model or an established professional, John’s photography can help elevate your portfolio and open doors to new opportunities.

The Process of an Editorial Photoshoot

Pre-Shoot Planning

The success of an editorial photoshoot begins long before the camera clicks. Pre-shoot planning is crucial to developing a cohesive and compelling story. This phase involves discussing the concept, selecting the wardrobe, and finalizing the styling. John Gress works closely with the model to ensure that every element aligns with the shoot’s vision.

Models often come prepared with various outfits and accessories that reflect their personal style and the story they wish to convey. John provides guidance on the best choices for the shoot, considering factors like color, texture, and how the clothing interacts with lighting. This preparation sets the stage for a seamless and productive photoshoot.


Editorial model photographer in Chicago
Jason poses elegantly in a blue suit on an antique wooden ladder, blending modern style with vintage elements against a light blue-gray backdrop.

During the Shoot

On the day of the shoot, the atmosphere is a blend of creativity and professionalism. John creates a comfortable environment where models feel at ease to express themselves. His direction helps bring out the best in each model, ensuring that the images captured are both natural and evocative.

go behind the scenes during an Editorial model photography shoot in Chicago
A captivating editorial portrait of Jason, his face illuminated by a spectrum of colored lights that create a stunning rainbow effect from red to violet.

Lighting and composition play pivotal roles during the shoot. John uses innovative lighting techniques to create mood and highlight the model’s features. Whether it’s the use of hard light in the studio to add drama or soft natural light, the lighting setup are meticulously planned to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Editorial model photographer in Chicago
A high-contrast black-and-white portrait of Jason, seated on a loveseat in gray plaid pants and a black T-shirt, highlighting his relaxed yet sophisticated look.

Post-Shoot Editing

After the photoshoot, John carefully reviews the images, removing any that do not meet his high standards. He then sends a gallery of proofs to the client, allowing them to select their favorite shots for retouching. This client-centered approach ensures that the final images reflect their vision and preferences.

Once the client selects the images, John performs professional retouching to enhance the overall composition, color, and detail. Retouching is done with a light hand to maintain the authenticity of the model’s features while ensuring each photo is polished and professional. This process guarantees that the final images are ready for portfolios, editorials, and other professional uses.

Editorial model photographer in Chicago Success Stories

Working with an experienced editorial model photographer in Chicago like John can lead to remarkable transformations in a model’s career. Many models who have collaborated with John have successfully enhanced their portfolios and attracted the attention of top modeling agencies and clients.

Jason’s experience with John Gress is a testament to the impact of professional editorial photography. The creative process, combined with John’s expertise, resulted in a series of stunning images that captured Jason’s unique style and personality. These photos not only added depth to his portfolio but also showcased his versatility as a model.

Jason strikes a pose in front of a vibrant yellow backdrop seated on an antique wooden chair with an old fashioned telephone
Jason strikes a pose in front of a vibrant yellow backdrop, seated on an antique wooden chair with an old-fashioned telephone, dressed in a bold red suit jacket and classic black ensemble, barefoot to add a touch of casual elegance.

“I had been wanting to do a shoot with John for quite some time and he did not disappoint! He was very accommodating and easy to work with. His studio provided a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and my images came out exactly how I imagined. I highly recommend his services.” – D Leonard

“John is an incredible photographer! I never imagined my photos looking the way they look. Don’t think, just hire, you won’t regret it!” – Evan S

“This was my very first headshot session as a professional actor and my experience was very pleasant. John Gress is very patient and courteous, and as a photographer, he aided me in physical direction, which is important for photo sessions. Highly recommended.” – Joseph W

Booking Your Editorial Photoshoot

How to Book a Session

Booking a session for your editorial model photoshoot in Chicago with John is straightforward. Start by visiting the rates and booking page to select your preferred package. Once you’ve chosen your package, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date and time. This deposit ensures that your slot is secured and prevents other bookings for that period.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email along with a questionnaire. This helps us understand your specific goals for the shoot. If needed, you can also schedule a Zoom session to discuss details before the shoot by contacting us here. This approach ensures that all requirements are clearly understood, making the shoot efficient and tailored to your needs.\

Editorial model photographer in Chicago Packages and Pricing

John Gress Photography offers a range of packages designed to meet the diverse needs of models. Whether you need a few polished shots or a comprehensive portfolio, there is an option for you:

  • 1 Hour Session: $499, includes closeup, 3/4 & full body shots, 2-4 background and clothing changes, and 1 retouched image.
  • 2 Hour Session: $749, includes closeup, 3/4 & full body shots, 3-5 background and clothing changes, and 3 retouched images.
  • 3 Hour Session: $999, includes closeup, 3/4 & full body shots, 4-7 background and clothing changes, and 5 retouched images.
  • 5 Hour Session: $2299, includes closeup, 3/4 & full body shots, 6-9 background and clothing changes, and 15 retouched images.

Additional services and upgrades are available to enhance your experience:

  • All Images in Medium Resolution: $149
  • All Images in High Resolution: $249
  • Additional Retouched Images: $99 each
  • 5 Retouched Images: $399
  • On-site Makeup and Hair Styling: Starting at $225

Invest in your modeling career with a professional portfolio shoot by John Gress. His expertise and attention to detail will ensure that your portfolio stands out, opening doors to new opportunities in the modeling industry.

Editorial model photographer in Chicago
Jason in a striking editorial pose, dressed in a blue suit and seated on a vintage ladder, creating a juxtaposition of elegance and rustic charm.



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