Aspiring Model Photographer Chicago: A Journey with Taylor

Taylor leaning on a wooden ladder with vintage lighting

Aspiring to become a model in a competitive city like Chicago requires not only talent and determination but also a well-crafted portfolio that can capture the attention of modeling agencies. Taylor, a recent high school graduate, is on her journey to becoming a professional model. Her path highlights the importance of professional photography in establishing […]

What to Look for When Hiring Chicago Commercial Photographers

Kenny's modern hairstyle captured by Chicago commercial photographers for Wahl’s educational materials

Hiring the right commercial photographer can significantly impact your brand’s image and customer engagement. Professional imagery not only enhances your marketing materials but also helps in building and maintaining customer loyalty. In this post, we will explore the essential qualities to look for in commercial photographers in Chicago, using the successful collaboration between Wahl Clipper […]

Discover the Best Editorial Model Photographer in Chicago

Jason in a vibrant editorial portrait

The Art of Editorial Model Photography Editorial model photography is a unique genre that goes beyond traditional photography by focusing on storytelling and artistic expression. For those seeking an editorial model photographer in Chicago, this style offers the perfect opportunity to evoke emotions, convey a message, and tell a story through captivating images. This type […]

Modeling Agency Portfolio Shoots in Chicago that Elevate Your Career

Modeling agency portfolio shoots in Chicago

In the bustling modeling scene of Chicago, a compelling portfolio is essential for any aspiring model. Portfolio shoots are not just about taking pictures; they are about capturing your essence, versatility, and marketability. These shoots serve as a vital tool to get noticed by top modeling agencies and casting directors. Renowned photographer John Gress offers […]

Professional Business Headshots in Chicago: Elevating Corporate Brand Presence

Top executive of Brinshore Development in a blue suit, embodying professionalism in business headshots in Chicago

Professional business headshots are more than just formal photographs; they are a strategic asset for enhancing corporate and personal branding. In Chicago’s competitive commercial landscape, a standout headshot can significantly influence first impressions. John Gress Photography caters to capturing the essence of corporate teams on location and crafting polished individual portraits in our studio, offering […]