Chicago Video Production Company: Ripon Athletic

Chicago Video Production Company: Ripon Athletic

I love creating videos that showcase manufacturing. Visually speaking, the movement of machines creates an elegant ballet that looks great on film. Ripon Athletic, an American apparel manufacturer in Berlin, Wisconsin hired myself, Akin Girav and Adam L. McMath to produce a 40 plus minute corporate documentary covering the history of the nearly 100 year-old company and each step of the production process.

Ripon Athletic – Knitting from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Pat Schwanke Testimonial from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon creates custom jackets and uniforms for K-12, College and professional sports teams. Their product lines are sold through sales representatives and approved team sporting good dealers in the US, Japan, Europe, and Canada.

Ripon Athletic – Design Room from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Dyfuze from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Cutting from John Gress on Vimeo.

The History of Ripon Athletic History from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Sewing from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic Employee Testimonial: Bonnie Nelson from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Award Jackets from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Embroidery from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Imprint from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Red Batty Testimonial from John Gress on Vimeo.

Ripon Athletic – Inspection from John Gress on Vimeo.

Chicago Video Production Company: Behind The Scenes

Chicago Video Production Company behind the scenes

This is all the gear we brought with us for the two day shoot… at least we didn’t forget anything!

We filmed the Made-in-America corporate documentary video on location in Berlin, Wisconsin, using a Canon C100 cinema camera equipped with a Atomos Ninja 2 recorder. White we brought a variety of everything, here is what we ended us using.


Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L USM
Zeiss ZE 18mm f3.5
Zeiss ZE 25mm f2
Zeiss ZE 35mm f1.4
Zeiss ZE 50mm f2
Zeiss ZE 85mm f1.4

Grip Equipment:
Kessler Crane Pocket Dolley
Kessler Crane K-Pod K-Flex System
Glide Cam Smooth Shooter and HD-4000


Keno Flo 2 x 2-foot 4 light fixtures
Keno Flo 4-foot 4 light fixtures
Coolights 150w HMI

Video Transcript:

Over the last couple of decades American manufacturers have fled the United States looking for cheaper labor overseas. At Ripon athletic we decided to stay and for the last 22 years our family of employees have carried on the tradition of making affordable, quality athletic team uniforms, right here in Berlin, Wisconsin.

That tradition started with two companies Sank Knit the original designer to the pros which started in 1921 and Ripon Award Jackets which started in 1949. Ripon Athletic carries on that tradition today and into the future by manufacturing quality uniforms jackets and fleece wear warn by  many high school college and professional sport teams.

You may not recognize our name but some of your favorite teams wear our uniforms with pride. Regardless of the level of performance, Ripon Athletic believes that quality goes into each garment, whether it’s worn by a local high school player or in front of a nationally televised crowd on Game Day. At Ripon Athletic we believe that we can beat the overseas competition by dedicating ourselves or customers and helping them achieve their team apparel needs.

Quality uniforms, unmatched customer service and a hard-working group of Americans willing to take on foreign manufacturers and prove that we can do it better in the USA. Join us in showing the world that American manufacturing is alive and well. Ripon Athletic, professional quality, greater performance.

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