Chicago Headshot Photographer: Fitness Models Team Abel

Chicago headshot Photographer portrait photography of fitness models teamable for their compcards

Chicago headshot photographer: portraits of Fitness Models Team Abel, who seek to promote movement & an active lifestyle through fitness demonstrations.

Chicago headshot Photographer behind the scenes:

behind the scenes chicago headshot photographer lighting setup
behind the scenes chicago headshot photographer lighting diagrambehind the scenes chicago headshot photographer lighting diagramI used several modifiers and techniques while shooting headshots of fitness models Team Abel in Chicago. The first look (diagramed right, top) was meant to mimic light coming from a window. To achieve this look I used a Photek Softlighter II 60-Inch Umbrella, a Profoto Softlight Reflector (Silver)to boost the contrast and a Chimera Strip Lightbank Small 9×36″ below for fill. I used kind of the same set up for the second setup, which had the models in front of a glowing white background which in this case was a Profoto RFi 5′ Octabox. For the fitness models’ third look I drew my inspiration from several photos I saw on Instagram where models of african decent were illuminated with colored accent lights. So I used a beauty dish with grid as my main light, then I placed a purple gel over their right shoulder, a yellow gel by their left shoulder, a blue gel on the background and red gel inside of a Photek on their right for fill, as seen above and in the diagram on the right. For the fourth look we headed to the beach where i employed a Beauty dish for my main light and a Profoto Magnum as my kicker (seen below).
behind the scenes chicago headshot photographer lighting setup

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