Chicago Corporate Videographer: SAGIN Client Testimonial Videos

Chicago corporate videographer: Last month I created a corporate video series for SAGIN, LLC., a first rate consulting firm, based in Chicago, with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

The corporate videos posted to their corporate website and social media, help SAGIN corporate communicate their unique approach, which is derived from a fundamental belief in helping people, organizations, and communities to grow and develop.

More from Chicago corporate videographer John Gress:

Chicago corporate videographer Gress: filming TV, Web internet commercials, music videos, presentation, corporate, infomercials, promotional, how to, instructional, industrial and charity fundraiser films by director of photography, filmmaker and corporate videographer Gress.

As the leader of our production company and as a videographer, Gress’ passion is creating visually stunning films that set him and his corporate clients apart. Anyone can shoot a corporate video for facebook, youtube and the web, but it takes a professional videographer to deliver quality content that will maximize the value of each and every impression my emotionally connecting the viewer with your company or corporate product.

Our Chicago video production company and Chicago corporate videographer Gress has worked with numerous companies including AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Avlon, Hyatt Hotels, The Joliet Slammers, Ripon Athletic, Sagin LLC and many more.

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