Chicago Actor Headshot photoshoot Amir Y

Chicago Actor headshot photographer John Gress Rogers Park

I met Chicago Actor and Model Amir Y while doing a photoshoot for another client, which will be released soon. He was so wonderful to work with that I asked him if he would be willing to do a actor headshot test shoot and thankfully for me, he said yes. The shoot wouldn’t have been a success without the hard work of stylist Isaac King.




For these headshots I used a Profoto RFi 5′ Octaboxas my background and then a Profoto RFi 36-Inch Octaboxas my main light.




After doing two looks inside we went outside for a few more with the Elinchrom 39″ Rotalux Deep OctaBox.



Note to self… do not put a model in a camouflage jacket in front of a camouflaged background, even it you see it as brilliant yellow while squinting….





In order to block the sun so I could light Chicago Actor Amir with my own light, a Elinchrom 39″ Rotalux Deep OctaBox, I dumpster dove this large piece of cardboard from a recycling bin and Jeffery valiantly gave an assist. Rest assured I bought a larger reflector after this photoshoot so assistants won’t have to get their hands dirty int he future.






Amir recently appeared in a commercial for Marriott.


Working hardly with @renhotels #workhardplayhard #focus #relax

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