Bloggers And Individules Buzz About “I Will”

After the debut of “I Will” last Thursday over 5,000 people have viewed the latest collaboration from myself and singer/songwriter Marshall Titus. Marshall and I will be interviewed live tonight at 6pm CDT on Fearless Radio Please tune in and send questions in real time to @fearlessradio on twitter.


Rod 2.0 gave a nice review that helped build traffic for the video:

“The beautifully lensed video tells the story of a young man who becomes depressed after learning his HIV positive diagnosis. He shares his serostatus with friends and a potential new romantic interest, who all offers their love and support.

The video comes as data show Black gay/bisexual men continue to be hardest hit by HIV/AIDS. New HIV infections among young Black gay and bisexual men have increased by almost half, according to “alarming” new trends reported by the Centers for Disease Control.”

On Queerty a lively debate broke out on race.

“I know it’s just a music video but damn it’s nice to finally see some gay characters who are black!” – Catmann

The video also appeared on blogs globally, including in countries like France and Spain.


“Good video! I also feel that it is unacceptable to treat people with HIV as an outcast and someone who shouldn’t be loved or respected. Humans are humans and life is life. A times it seems bigotry has no end. With videos such as this and as more intelligent information is pressed in the faces of the ignorant masses I believe eyes will be opened and acceptance will follow.” – Greg Stacey

“This vidio brought tries to my eyes so beautiful so powerfull.” – James McIntyre

“Thank you Marshall Titus & John Gress for sharing your art in a valiant effort to incite awareness & conversation! If you haven’t seen already know that this video is a MUST see indeed. Chat amongst yourself about it then further your steps to share it with others!! Kudos to the highest praise, fellas! Bravo!” – Ken Like Barbie

“The Truth of the Matter is We have a Choice to either be afraid or to be Strong! “I Will” Continue to be Strong and Brave! WE Must encourage those who are afraid to get Tested and be there no matter the result! For KNowledge is Power! Not a Weakness! Please check out My Friend Marshall Titus’s new song and Video! and go But It! and Sing it Loud! and Proud!” – Cyon Flare


“This video is revolutionary. What a brave potent message. Blacks are 12% of the population, but we are 50% of new AIDS cases in America. I have friends who have died. I have friends who have lived for 20 plus years with HIV. We can no longer afford to be in denial or on the DL. Survival with AIDS is possible, but it requires being truthful to yourself, to your partners, having a great supportive network and great health care. Amazing work Marshall. Greatly needed. Live, children. Live! CONDOMS!” – MotherBenn

“This video is so poignant and beyond beautiful. Loving the message in this song. Thank you for telling the story within, continuing the legacy of those who came before us.” – dix21176

“WOW!! What an awesome, phenomenal video!!! an incredible work of art!!!” – MrCocoabear

“AWESOME!!!! very timely and much needed for the times we live in.” – blklaluv

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