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Chicago Portrait Photographer Vintage Lights and Painted Backdrop

What ARE those lights I keep putting in my photos…

One of the most popular questions I am asked is: what are those lights in the background of my portraits? Aside from the one...

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Cucoloris portrait with a fresnel by Chicago Photorgapher John Gress
Lighting Technique

Making a custom Cucoloris to create dramatic portraits

After being inspired by Sophie Palmer's portrait depicting boredom with a Catholic priest inside the confession booth, below, I decided to try my hand...

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Chicago Photographer John Gress Steady Focused Interview
Advertising , Headshots , Lifestyle , Portrait , The Academy , Video

Steady Focused Interview: Going Full Circle

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure and honor of spending the lunch hour chatting with Simeon Hendrix, and recording an interview...

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Cheetah Stands Ricebowl RB-120 during a color temperature test. The modifier had no effect on the lights color temp.
Lighting Technique

Should photographers care about modifier color temperatures when shooting portraits?

After buying three new softboxes I had two questions: 1. What are the color temperatures of all of my modifiers? 2. Do Kelvin temperature...

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