Why you should tether plus troubleshooting in C1 and Lightroom Classic

When I was 14 year's old I wanted to be a lawyer or a naval officer and then I borrowed my mom's camera and went to summer camp. Having that point-and-shoot in my hands gave me a reason to walk up to new people and make friends, something I couldn't do at my school because the die was cast for this poor and overweight kid. I quickly realized photography was for me and I set out to make it my career, overcoming some big hurdles along the way as I transitioned from photojournalism to become a commercial photographer.
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In this video, you will learn three key strategies for lighting backdrops in the studio and see the results from a test and in a real world photoshoot. Whether you're using a paper backdrop for a fashion shoot, or a painted canvas for portrait photography, lighting and in this case gels, can make all the difference.