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Are grids worth the money

Are grids worth the money? When and why should you use them in the the studio and on location?

Watch as I unbox my new Billingham 445 ( camera bag and move out of my old Think Tank Photo Retrospective 30 2.0 (

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Hairlight 101

Hair Light 101. Everything you need to know about hairlights.

Part of making a refined image in the studio is lighting your subject to preserve details in their hair or operate them from the...

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Justin Leonard Lighting tutoial

Behind-the-scenes and lighting tutorial – four looks from my photoshoot with Justin

In today’s lighting tutorial, I’m going to breakdown four looks that I created with our model Justin.

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4 amazing one-light set-ups in only 10 minutes!

4 amazing one-light set-ups in only 10 minutes!

What’s my motivation? is a refrain that we often hear from actors, but that phrase can mean a lot to photographers, too. Especially when...

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mola beauty dishes

Which Mola for your moolah? Comparing three different beauty dishes during a portrait photoshoot

Three years ago I bought a Mola Setti and Rayo 15" beauty dishes, because I wanted to upgrade from my Profoto Silver Softlight. While...

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