chicago headshot photography workshop

Which cameras and lenses should you use for portrait photography?

People always ask me which cameras and lenses I use. Here are the answers!

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Our Elinchrom Gear

How I travel with my photography / lighting gear

How I travel with my Elinchrom lighting gear, including my ELC500 Pro HD monolights, ELB400 and Quadra Ranger. Plus a ton of modifiers using...

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Hardware that you would use in studio by matthews and Kupo

Hardware Studio: equipment that will make your photo studio hum!

Everyone has a light stand, even make up artists. Some photographers have boom arms but when you really want to refine your work, or...

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Chicago Portrait Photographer Vintage Lights and Painted Backdrop

What ARE those lights I keep putting in my photos…

One of the most popular questions I am asked is: what are those lights in the background of my portraits? Aside from the one...

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